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The NT Insider 2002 Archive

Stacking the Deck -- Finding Your Way Through the Stack

Synchronicity: A Review of Synchronization Primitives

Kernel: "Calling User Mode...Are You There?" - Using the Inverted Call Model

WMI Revisited: Instrumentation and Integration with Perfmon

You've Gotta Use Protection: Inside Driver and Device Security

Advantage: Driver Writer - New Functions in the Windows XP DDK

Tracking State and Context: Reference Counting for File System Filter Drivers

Lock 'Em Up: Byte Range Locking

If You Build It: Visual Studio and Build Revisited

Still Feeling Insecure? IoCreateDeviceSecure() for Windows 2K/XP/.NET

Upsizing: Managing Address Space Increases for IA64

Maybe I Should Drive: Drive Letter Assignment and the Mount Manager

Securing Device Interfaces: A Better Approach Than Sending an SD

Bagging Bugs: Avoidance and Detection Tips to Consider

Sharing is Caring: Sharing Events Between Kernel-User Mode

All About Lint: PC-Lint and Windows Drivers

"Fixed In The Next Release" -- Product Review Update: VMWare & Connectix

Quick Tool

A GodSend -- Inside the DevCon Utililty

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